Artist Submission

Artist Submission

Thank you for your interest in performing at the 2016 St. Elizabeth Jazz & Food Festival. The 2016 festival will take place August, 6 from 12:00 to 7:30 PM at St. Elizabeth Church Park Grounds. As a festival that celebrates both music and food, our audience is very diverse.

We seek established artists rooted in jazz that are musically excellent and provide dynamic live performances along with strong marketing materials. We encourage you to provide links to video showcasing your group in a live performance setting along with recent music samples. Please use the submission form below to submit your information and of chosen, we will contact you.

Thank for your support! We have met our artist requirements for this year.

2016 St. Elizabeth Jazz & Food Fest. Artist Application

Please check the marketing tools/assets you have available for promotion.
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Are you able to supply us with the following?
High res. professional photoWritten bio and/or description of the bandStageplot with input list

Has this artist performed for the festival in the past?

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Curv Appeal // SECC - We Got The Jazz
  1. Curv Appeal // SECC - We Got The Jazz
  2. Osie Mae // Freddie Hubbard - SECC - We Got The Jazz
  3. Tidal Wave // Ronnie Lews - SECC - We Got The Jazz
  4. Lotus // Shaun Martin - SECC - We Got The Jazz